Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday - 6 miles

I found a nice a little hilly trail run close to work. I've run there before, but I made more of it; there's more on the line. This is definitely the beginning of a new phase in the training. Although I will continue the Aet work (w/MAF recovery), it's time to groove hilly trails.

Avg. HR 152, about 1000ft. climbing and I did it in my new dogs! I'll have more feedback as I work them in, but first impression is "amazing." Along with the trail training, it's time to get specific. So go the shoes.

I got some GREAT feedback on the Saturday race. Having seen the more updated results, it does get me pretty psyched to really get to work. I especially like the updated mileage of the damn trail (21.77k) and the different age group results. Wow. Pumped. Someone reminded me of how an early season "disappointment" can parlay into that much more focus and commitment. Of course, I'm not disappointed given the results, but I am given how I fared out there on the hills.

Sunday we hiked a little and I took Monday and Tuesday off. Today felt great getting back at it!

Another photo of the insane weekend. Pulling-up to my house from Temecula: my family rocks!

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