Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday - 8 miles

This was a flat run that kicked my white butt. I took Thursday off because I have a sick 4 year-old and I'm slammed at work. . .but that ends really soon! I didn't want to push it and looking at the HR, it was, again, an echo of what Lucho has said over and over. Fitness can mean difficulty getting the HR up. I'm just such a freshman. . .

Avg. HR 140, 8:30 pace. It was a tough run, but nothing wrong. For most of the run, my HR was around 130 and I just huffed and puffed, pretty slow. I turned it up a little and I mean a little. It was just about burning fat. Felt good.

As for this whole low intensity "movement," check-out the discourse amongst Gordo, ChuckieV, Alan Couzens, and Lucho. This is serious. I don't think they're conspiring to write about this subject in some of its many manifestations, but the theme is there. These coaches take great care in how they manage and prepare their many athletes, who are not all IMers. MAF is about health and balance, i.e., happiness. It just so happens that such a disciplined focus builds an indispensable foundation for competitive athletes at all levels. My wife, a pretty big skeptic, has been building her MAF resume for about a month now and feels pretty good about her routine. Even though the scale has been "a little slow" to respond, Lucho had a very scientific response to one of his readers that put my wife's questions to rest. For example, weight gain/retention in the face of consistent MAF exercise can be the result of one's body storing glycogen since it's burning fat so efficiently. This is great stuff. . .for the world!

I just hope people have an ear to this symphony of experience and insight.

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  1. i know well about the whole 'fat' thing, lol...when i'm training a lot, i feel 'fat' and bloated even though i'm not...then if i back off training, like i am now ;), i drop a couple pounds instantly - but it is all water weight that is stored in the glycogen i think....
    just a strange little thing that i too have noticed!