Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday - 20 miles. . . sorta

Technically I covered 20 miles today, but the last 4 were despite a physical meltdown. Nutrition obviously comes into play always, but even more so when the body is being asked to extend itself.

a.m. 12 miles, 1:41, 1400ft. climbing, avg. HR 151 which means this solid run was Aet even though I pushed the pace some and had some very warm climbs. I know my HR was affected by the heat and dehydration. Body felt good, but the feet were a little beat up since the Rancho Penasquitos trail is very rocky in spots. So I recovered well last night. Felt good.

Then I ate lunch and waited a little too long and ate a little too much. A turkey salad (cabbage and spinach and olive oil). And a bunch of grapes. . . . .

Afternoon I ran 8 miles and felt like I was going to blow chunks most of the way. My HR was low (130) and I could pace myself pretty well (8:20), but the body my system was pretty squeamish. I need to really watch what I eat on such a day (every day). Even though my salad might seem okay, I should think about eating less food, easier to digest (my wife had taken the quinoa I'd planned to eat today!). Oh well, it's a learning process.

2 days: 35 miles and lots of stretching. Gots to get lighter and stronger. Ride your bike. Ride your bike. Lift. Stretch. And eat like a freakin champion!

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