Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday - 8.5 miles

I did the same run today as yesterday, but I was really that much faster today and had a lower HR. I'm kinda stoked. But I have to be honest; I rode the mill the last two days, so those numbers need that asterisk. Keep in mind I started running MAF oriented schema a while ago (a couple of months), and have pretty much graduated to running as much Aet as i can . The mills are programmed to run for 35 minutes before shutting down just in case one has an heart attack. On my second "split" I did 4.3 miles in 33:00 minutes - I guess i got so "high" that i just hit stop because . . . Aside from the pace computed by that machine (7:40), I was "working." For that little "run," I went 7:40, avg. HR 145. On the first 35:00 "lap," I did around 8:15 pace, but added some incline and my avg. HR was 137. So, the point is that my aerobic system is coming along as promised by Lucho and Chuckie V. As I've said before, check those guys out.

Before any of that occurred, Jack and I did a quality hike along Torrey Pines State Beach and then ascended into the Reserve. We've done a hike or two, but this was pretty big for the big guy. The trail weather was warm, he was fired up, and it was tough to keep him from trail running. By most accounts, the kid should be in a position to win Western States about 10 years in a row - that would be a bad joke, but you get my point. No need to go into detail here - I still can't find my camera USB! It was great. We did a few errands, and then hit the gym.

And as for more defense of the treadmill at the gym. It's f'n boring. There are similarities between it and the trainer. You're pretty isolated, steady, and end-up sweating a lot. That was the case today: I was on the high, steady cadence machine. Quite frankly, I good give a shit about the pace; my leg turn over was "training" and the fact that I was 100% aerobic is even better. It's like swimming laps.

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