Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday - 5 miles

Avg. HR 143, easy trail run with ~1000ft. up and 1000ft. down. Today was to be an easy 30-45min. run. The climbing and the heat probably weren't what the doctor ordered, but I'm glad I did it. The tickle in the throat subsided, but there were other concerns brought-up by today's run. First of all, although the MAF approach has improved my aerobic/fat burning system, I simply haven't spent much time at all with a sustained elevated HR. The little bit of trail/climbing I did today (at a very mellow pace) just got me thinking about that. I almost caught an edge a few times, turning an ankle. Hmmmmm. Am I just not trained for a brutal, hilly, hot, off-road 21k?

Just a few of my thoughts during the first part of the run while I tip-toed through the little single-track sections, anticipating rattlers. My HR was up, it was hot and this was simply the kind of running I hadn't been doing. Hmmmmmm.

But I got more comfortable as my little 5 miler went on. True the climbs will beat me up, but I will recover quickly, something I've noticed and something James Walsh said is so key for him, why his aerobic training is so important. Enough said.

After Vail Lake, my training will turn more and more to the trail. Although there are so many more opportunities to elevate HR, what goes up must come down. In fact, the benefits of downhill running are clear.

So, in the end, it was a day of additional concerns and additional reasons to be stoked about the race and the next phase of my training. I can't wait for Saturday's TEST.


  1. you're ready to go dude... don't sweat it (well you're gonna sweat... it's going to be a hot one!).

    the long climbs are in the first couple of miles and then it's rollers with net downhill.

    After Temecula I will definitely be down for some trail running... cowells mountain, black mountain, dixon lake... my killer trails. Let's do it!

  2. Cheers, JW. But I'm beside the point. You're ready! F'ing smoke the field!

  3. no sense in sweating the stuff that's out of your control now. my tip is to figure out your race nutrion/hydration. pre race and on the course. that you can control.
    One other thing, Jim always stresses when the going gets rough, "what can I do right now to go faster" such as posture, breathing deeper, forward lean, all while knowing your motivation.

  4. True, Tom. I'm psyched. Thanks.
    I'm hydrating and fueling as we speak and have a pretty standard approach for Sat. And suffering is just part of my package. Thank God we go at 8:00am!