Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Week log 5/5 - 5/11

Sunday and Monday - off

Tuesday - 7 miles ~56:00. Ran without HR monitor. Breathed through my nose almost entirely (though I did hump a few slopes). Definitely an aerobic run with just that little bit o freedom to glide. Felt good.

Wednesday - 8 miles, avg. HR 135. Lucho's told me a few times how these work-outs will become more difficult the fitter I become. Again, he's right. I'm simply running faster at the lower HR. Followed run with a kale/spinach/tuna salad + ingredients. These last two weeks before the race will include a much cleaner diet. Shouldn't I be eating this way all the time? The better I treat myself, the more grateful I am. I am grateful!

Thursday - 7 miles, avg. HR 147, 8:15 pace. Just a solid Aet run. I did some lifting and elliptical, as well. I can't wait for the 17th.

Friday - 10 miles w/o HR monitor. It was Aet all the way but I definitely did a some comfortable tempo.

Saturday - off. Had to proctor an exam in the morning and traveled in the afternoon. Went to Palm Springs to celebrate Mother's Day with wife's mother, my kid's Nana. Classy gal.

Sunday - 7 miles Treadmill w/o HR monitor. Very comfortable, ~pace 8:15. About 1.5 2.0 grade. Just getting it in on Mother's Day at a hotel in the desert. I thought I might get out and rip some of the trails I used to train on when I used to live down there. But "breakfast in bed" and keeping an eye on my boy took precedent over my ripping a 2 hour trail run! Either way, the killer brunch at Rancho Las Palmas was pretty decadent. Lots of veggies and maybe the best spinach salad I've ever had. This was key after the previous 2 days of eating like a spooner.

Total - 39 miles

A so-so week. I got in about 40 miles but feel like I didn't run enough. Monday would have been a big trail run, but I just didn't feel it. Oh well. At this point, I want to run hard and I think my "base" training has been enough give it a good go next weekend. I did mix-in a tempo run or two this past couple of months, but this race's prep includes, really, NO SPEED WORK. This will be a good race to see how strict MAF/Aet work facilitates a big, off-road effort.

Last week's total mileage was just over 40 miles.

After reading some interesting stuff about race peaks, I have some questions. Generally, I should maintain the frequency, but cut the duration. But Lucho has recommended that I run at my limits right on through Vail Lake since I really have no expectations because I'm just building my aerobic engine and seeing how my body fares in "the trenches." Between TL and JW, I oughta have a good design for the week.

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