Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday - 15 miles

San Elijo Lagoon, 1400ft climbing, avg. HR 146. My toes and the few traces of p.fasciitis gave me a little hesitation, so I really kept things under control besides my OCD on the HR data. In all, I felt heavy perhaps because of my feet and the two days off, which consisted of chores and chowing down. But the Garmin data was good. The climbing was good fun and the HR was very much a positive sign - the recovery days preceding certainly have a lot to do with that. And my pace was better than I expected. GPS rocks.

I entered the lagoon on the B&L side, over the train tracks. But I only stayed on that side and just ran around there, coming out somewhere near Ranch Santa Fe. Does anyone know how to access some of the other parts of the trail? Are there other parts? It was definitely a nice venue, but I want to wander around a little more. The Cardiff breeze is nice; I need to ride my bike up there, stash it somewhere. and then run. Gasolino es mucho shito.

I wanted to do 20 today, but was a little knackered afterwards. If my recovery goes well tonight, tomorrow I go big(ger). If I'm sore, I hit the bike and go. . . and stretch . . . and do "a little intensive calf stretching + massage for [my] soleus and gastroc" (Lucho). I'm hearing a lot of good things about calf raises.

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