Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday and Saturday- 13 miles (30 miles for the week)

Friday - 4 miles of killer cross-training. Had too much to do today, packing for the trip, etc. to do a big run.

Saturday - 9 miles of rolling hills at about 3500ft. of elevation. This was a rolling bike course, so the run was a butt kicker. Plus it was HOT. My wife tagged along and kicked ass! She's a trooper. Jack stayed back at the camp with his 7 cousins stirring up some trouble. Great camp-out. New tent. Great family. Very nice.

For Saturday night and Sunday we spent the night at Warner's Hot Springs, a spa-type joint that used to be classic. It's circling the drain, going bankrupt, but their spa did one helluva job on my feet and the hot pool was epic. Sunday was about sleeping and hanging with the family.

Only 30 miles for the week. But the running was harder than I'm used to, so there's a little defense for my fairly weak output. If I can't do the big miles (for me), I'm doing some harder work-outs, maintaining fitness, tapping into some of that speed work I need so badly. But I have yet to hit the oval.

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