Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday - 7 miles

Legs felt pretty darn good after yesterday. But I had a little scare while I was jump roping. Been going barefoot and it kinda kicks my ass. Since I deal with a little plantar fascitis, I guess I'm playing with fire? When I finished a little "run," the bottom of my "good" foot got that nice strained feeling (like the bottom of your foot is "torn"). Great. Taped my feet and waited a while, and went for a run. So far so good.

An interesting exchange on Lucho's blog about running all bundled-up. A guy with a textbook had some cool tidbits to complement Lucho's thoughts on the matter. Needlesstosay I ran today in sweat pants. . . pretty lame attempt, sure, but it gets ya thinking.

Still playing with my summary to be. Though the theme is starting to take-on a much grander scope, I'm playing with the title "What Works for You? . . . Works for You." My wife's a mental health therapist, I teach, I'm starting to get more serious about endurance training and racing, organized religion scares the hell out of me. . . All of these discourses and so many more are rife with variation, debate and confusion. I'm going to TRY to stick to training and base my summary on what little I have come to know.


  1. any more running in sweats since tuesday?
    i just can't do it....

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  2. Beth,
    have not and ran today in hot heat. F'n gnarly! As for the word verification, I'm afraid you see what you want to see!