Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly total (7/7-7/13) - 32 miles

Wednesday and Thursday - Nada.

Friday - 17 miles. Split between MAF, Aet and tempo. The last 7 were on a rolling course, including a 4 mile tempo. On the first ten I got swarmed by some bees. Title of this post? "What I Happened On My Summer Vacation."

Saturday - 10 miles in Idyllwild, 4 miles of hiking, 2000ft up at 6000ft. of elevation - with the 4 year-old and Angie. He's doing base. . . for the next 10 years. Ran 6 miles in the afternoon, 1200ft. up. Felt great.

Sunday - Sleeeeep and hung w/the family.

Scouted more of the mountains - visited the Ranger Station. I just need the opportunities, but the goods are there. This week was pretty weak, but definitely a good couple of days . But not the consistency I'm looking for: I took 4 days off! I'm thinking a lot about what I'm doing. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I want to get really fit, but there are related issues (life) that I need to deal with, as well (needlesstosay). It's all good, but I'm definitely still in the process of defining. My first thought is get looong and strong. Get the diet dialed-in. As for races - not top priority. I have an epic race in December, which I am really gunning for and xterra starts to throw-down in the fall. But right now, I just want to enjoy life and run long (and hard since that's where I'm at in this MAF cycle.) I think that's my gig. We'll see.

Next week goal: 50 miles. It's a lock!

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