Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday - 12 miles (Week total -- 50 miles)

Saturday - Nada. (When I start to take advantage of these things called weekends, I'm going to post some killer mileage!)

a.m. 10 miles. No HR monitor. Some sections (4 miles) were at a 6-7 PE? Felt good. I felt free.

p.m. 2 miles. A new local coffee shop in the neighborhood. It's a mile away. Ran to it, had a shot of iced espresso, and ran back. No monitor. Yum.

I really hope things are going to get good. I've gotten some cool feedback regarding my recent frustration with HR training. I'm not abandoning it; I'm looking elsewhere to "expand the horizon." It's going to be nice not having to look at my monitor while I run - all the time. Lucho's going to prescribe some specific speed work. Speed is already in effect. I'm going to start throwing-down a little to get that top-end up .. up . . . up.

My wife and I have been talking recently about the way people handle "leaving" someone or something. Perhaps it's human nature to avoid some of that vulnerability. In order for people to feel better about a split, there's a natural tendency to get pissed off at that which they're leaving. It protects them, shields them from "the loss" that's occurring. I got mad at MAF a couple of days ago. My own reflection and the words of my teachers have helped me understand that I don't have to leave and therefore I don't have to be mad. Human nature is classic.

CV, thanks for the encouragement and of course you can use my naiveté to do what you do.


  1. I love that you ran to the coffee shop for a shot and then ran home...BEAUTIFUL and something I would totally do!
    I train without a HR monitor all the time and often times I don't even take a watch. I think this has helped me to really understand my body and to feel my limits...this has proved very beneficial in races. Keep it up!

  2. I was just to comment about the run to the coffee shop... but Trevor beat me to it... he has a way of always edghing me out!

    Trevor knows what he's talking about... I can't tell you the last time I worm my HRM running... i just run.. and love it!

  3. i'm glad you are figuring out what works for you, having a training plan you believe in is probably the most important aspect of it all!!! PE is a great training tool as long as you can be brutally honest with yourself and are a really good judge of pace/effort. When I'm really fatigued, I lose that ability and that's when I'll wear a hr monitor so I don't go too slow...yep, if there were a 'zone 0', i'd be running in it!