Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday - 10 miles

MAF. I'm back to basix on those runs, keeping it very disciplined. I have to remember that I'm training by HR not pace. Pace is the most common measuring stick. Not for me. I'm letting go.
And I'm going to run more MAF on easy days and Aet on those days and tempo on those days. Focus.

Total weekly mileage: 33 miles.

(On Sunday, I was to do 7-10 miles to reach my "40 miles" for the week. But I said nahh. Friends were in town, I'd watched a 6+ hr. tennis match that was truly classic, still had my pajamas on by the time the P.L. sun broke through, and decided to have some more left-over tri-tip and a beer instead.)

I need to sign-up for a race. I'm just trippin right now. I need a bulls-eye.

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