Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday - 5 miles

MAF again, pushing my four-year-old in a stroller. That's a load. Very rolling route. My wife told me the tires needed air. Nahh. Had to walk parts of the hills because of HR. Went out to breakfast afterwards. Hammered oatmeal. Went to work and crashed and burned! Had the afternoon run all ready to roll. Had a 15 mile day in-store. After work, went home took a two hour nap, and then ate a HUGE meal. And I'm still tired (I think that run this morning was really effective. The HR stayed low and it was a great core and strength work-out). But I'm bushed. Only 33 miles last week (though this included a very hard tempo run, which Lucho proceeded to break down and throw in the recycling bin--Geez, I appreciate the stellar feedback!). All I'm saying is I've become a little stagnant. I need to draw-up a plan for a specific race. I have plenty of racing that begins in the fall, but I need to sign-up for an August race and get crackin!

The plan will be specific to scheduled MAF days, Aet days, tempo day(s), and tests. I need to get back to some long days though maintain the 40-50 mile avg. The bike and weights will be employed consistently. To repeat, I need to get more organized and specific about the training.

Some up-coming travel:
next weekend - Idyllwild
July 18 - high desert
July 25 - high desert

We'll call it a three week block of some mileage to be had in more interesting destinations (with altitude).

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