Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of the week

A really solid week end.  The eating is going great, a lot of home cooking, little to no bread/gluten/etc.  Can start to see the shift in my perception of food, which is big for someone who loves food, eats a lot and had my fair share of the bready shit.  One thought on the gluten/flour thing is that those foods seem the easiest to eat, the most available, the quickest. . .But I don't see that necessarily anymore.  With a kid, I might even say I see the flourly foods as kiddie food.  Bread, pasta, doughnuts, corn dogs. . .Yipee!

Good news on the running end.  Been either running or doing a little strength work (not much).  But, the runs are getting less and less about a concern in my achilles.  I am so mindful of this nag even though it never "popped" or got really injured.  Being an athlete all my life and a huge sports fan, I have much respect/reverence/fear of the achilles.  Looks like I might be on my way.  Probably another week of more consistent (and longer) flat and then re-evaluate.

- Friday - 45 minute treadmill

- Sunday - 40 track and neighborhood

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