Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Run

For the record, I am on break.  Of course, my health has my focus now, specifically my diet.  Other than that fiercely important concern, my achilles is still bugging me.  I jogged as consistently as I could when it first surfaced (following a few months of really solid running, for me), but decided to just shut it down.  I consulted GZ, who runs through everything, but I still feared the worst.  No desire to be out for months.  The culprit is obvious: I was climbing everyday, many 15 to 20% grades, about an hour at a time, but the grade, beyond my wildest dreams, upset my achilles.  I have never had this problem.

I have been off for a couple of weeks.  And am in no hurry to get back.  I want to be healthy, physically at least, as I get myself fit for the starting line of a 50k in April.  Only running goal of 2013 is to run that race.  Walk, summersault, whatever.  Get to the starting line and run.

Going back through old blog posts on this ancient ghost town blog had me back in the 08 days looking over some stuff.  I was running a lot, blogging a lot, racing pretty regularly too.  That's when I stumbled upon my thyroid discussions, what I had learned, what I was going to do about it, etc.  That pisses me off.

But I also read through some of my training notes.  Those were the days of MAF.  I was running ~60 miles a week, solid, enjoying it, testing, following HR, etc.  Lucho was keeping an eye, GZ and JW were giving encouragement: life was good.

That's where I want to go, again.  Simpler times.  Run more, get light, stay healthy (pray), and race a lot more.