Monday, January 21, 2013


Veggie egg scramble, espresso and french press.  No f ing around on coffee.

Some corn chips on the boat whale watching.  Saw a bunch of whales.  Unreal.  Then my dad's steering went out trying to dock the boat (44ft.) in the wind.  Gnarly.  I had to jump to the doc with line and secure before blowing into some serious damage.  A scare for sure.

Killer arugula salad with quinoa, bell, left over chicken noodle soup, turkey, etc.  Yum.
One beer and some dried apricot.

Staying up too late last few nights.  Brutal.  Kills the day's energy.  My bad.

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  1. Whales are awesome! Luckily no serious damage to the boat. I am guilty of staying up too late as well.