Friday, January 11, 2013


1:05 on the mountain bike today, exploring the trails I run, really good weather, really good trails, some great climbs (when my HR got too high, I walked), and just had fun.  I'm with Footfeathers: running sucks ;D

The Garmin is giving me a headache.  I could read my HR and time elapsed and the third "screen" was how I was fairing vs. my virtual partner.  Fortunately, I was able to stop, turn around and punch my virtual partner in the jaw.  The 410 is killing me!  Work to do.

Breakfast: Fruit and espresso.

Lunch (before ride): PB&J and water.

Post ride: a vegan meal replacement mix with water and handfuls of blue berries.

Dinner: chicken salad with artichoke hearts, bells, feta, some other goods with balalmic. and two slices of gluten free pizza. Yeah!!

And two beers.

I'm now going to have a few more beers.  Build a fire.  And hang with my kid who has baseball tryouts tomorrow.  Went to the cages today and saw again a sick cut.  The guy has not played organized ball yet (just a lot of me throwing to him).  He's going to turn some heads.  Think it's a product of his tennis.

Happy weekend you two (or three).

Hey Tim, I hope I can get to that post out tonight.  I feel like crushing fools.  But it's movie time, too.

Can't wait to have you and your bud down here.


  1. Wait - you are posting now as if this an email to specific people? Funny.

    Hitting. Okay? What about the other tools?

  2. The posts are letters? Well, when you have 2-4 readers (you, FF, JW and Rick ((whenever he gets around!))), that suggestion might be made in my penmanship.

    My kid has a lot of work to do on the fielding front and with the bat.