Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Breakfast burrito - eggs, potato, bacon, a little cheese.  A ton of hot sauce (goes great w/espresso).

handful of blackberries after my run, a lot of water, gatorade and nuun.

Chicken salad and a bowl of chili.  two ipas.

- 5+ miles on the trail in the hokas.  Haven't worn those in forever.  Probably should be with my niggle.  Ran 7 miles yesterday and felt a little sore.  Started out on todays run and felt the soreness and got pissed.  Took off into a sprint for about 20 yards, told my achilles to go to hell and settled in.  Felt great the whole run.  I figure there is going to be some soreness, but I think it's strong enough to get in shape.  I did a nice time off and have strengthened it pretty good.  The trail was so good today.  Fighting a cold too and this did me right.  Can't wait for the weekend, better health and quaff some good beer.

Picking up my hypothyroid pills tomorrow.  Have spent a looooong time contemplating this next move.

Here we go.

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