Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday last week to the present. . .

Tuesday -

Veggie/egg scramble and piece of toast w/espresso

Taro chips and wasabi peas snack

Chicken salad for dinner and a Racer 5.

Later I had some pistachio gelato.  Not good.  Part of the problem is staying up at night and then running into these kinds of things.  At the same time, I'm not going to freak-out if the rest of my day is solid.  Only problem here (other than the gelato, which is not a real problem) is a lack of food (as if I need more food, but I was gassed the next day. . .)

Walked and ran for about 45 minutes (ran for about 20 minutes).  Then did some eccentric heel drops.  This video talks about it for calf muscles, but it's used to strengthen the achilles, too.  I just started these after a lot of rest.

Wednesday -

No breakfast.  Just espresso.  Had to take son to school and then to the office.  School starts tomorrow, so here comes a lot of work (thank God).  But no eats?  Stupid.

Got home starving.  Had some quinoa and left over meat.  Threw the meat away cuz it kinda grossed me out.  So, some quinoa.  And some taro chips.  Really?

Went for a little run.  Ran for 40 minutes.  Slow and flat.  Kept HR low and I'm disgustingly out of shape.  Took a cat nap before the run.  I was gassed.  Good energy all morning (espresso) but got really tired.  Got home and inhaled two PB&Js.


That post was supposed to publish days ago.  Update: I have been eating well, staying layman's gluten free, which is easy though I am not scrutinizing every ingredient so, for instance, a corn chip despite being made of corn and therefore theoretically gluten-free, sometimes contains an added ingredient to add sweetness, which may contain gluten.  So, technically I may have crossed the line a few times, but since I started this diet, I have been pretty successful.

The improvements I want to make are more veggies and fish.  I have added veggie egg scramble which is awesome.  Easy to make, healthy and yummy.  But need to make more salads, more veggie concoctions.

Staying off flour is not as tough as it sounds.  For someone like me it's been a little tough just to avoid some of those go-tos like PRETZELS and the like.  Beer has gluten, so I have definitely dropped the ball there (and will continue to do so) and goes with a lot of gluten based foods like pizza, pretzels, etc.

Just clean-up the food, eliminate the doughy shit.  I haven't lost a much weight yet, but my shape has changed quite a bit.

On the running end, I have been steadily adding length to the run.  Wearing the HRM is keeping everything in check, but I'm hoping to be up to 1:30 flat runs this week.  I have a lot of work to do to be  ready for April.


  1. stay on it dude. good call on cutting the gluten.... it's not really that hard.

    beer... don't drop that. moderation but avoid the snack that go along with that.