Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Breakfast - espresso (enuff to scare an elephant), berries and some almonds (hadn't gotten my bread yet).

Lunch - two pieces of bread (UDIS) with sesame seed butter and a little jam, and a splash of 0% Fage yogurt and berries and pomm seeds.  Think I'll pass on the yogurt.  Not a fan, thought someone recommended it, but they didn't.  Wife will gladly have.

Snack - toasted slice of UDIS with butter and a little jam.

Dinner - Killer arugula salad with carrots, cucumber, green onion, cherrie tomas, 1/2 avocado, a little quinoa and some chicken sausage.  Dressing (standard): olive oil, braggs, 1/2 lemon, black and red pepper.

Just had a piece of dark choc with hazelnut.

One beer.


Went to see my alternative Dr. today.  Will send him my blood results.  We'll go to work, as well.  Haven't heard yet if I have the antibodies, but I'm going AT this thing with diet.

A run is going to happen any day now.  Will set-up my new Garmin 410 tonight and will definitely be using the HRM.  Time to party like it's 2007.  Anti-aging.


  1. there are a variety of on line tools, calculators where you can enter this stuff and they track the food that you eat, calories, diet choices. Might be something to consider

  2. agree with GZ... and if you keep posting on here I'll do my best to keep you honest.

    my advice: no more than 2 pieced of the GF bread a day, and shoot for every other day.