Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garmin Forerunner 410

Breakfast - berries, bagel and nut butter and a little dark chocolate with my espresso (enuff to make an elephant uncomfortable).

Lunch - left overs: quinoa and chicken sausage, a raw spring roll from Saffron (unreal, healthy Thai), and a PB&J.  I was hungry.  Yeah, I know, JW already said chill on the bread even though it's gluten-free.  My belly feels great.  I haven't been "full" in a few days (oh, wait, after the Saffron I was a little distended).

Dinner - a small bean burrito and an apple.

Snacks were berries and almonds.

Keeping it light.  Feel good.

The eggs come aboard starting tomorrow.  Part of my pursuit is to down-play food all together.  I can eat pretty much all day, good bad, you name it.  It's a problem.  So if I eat like a bird here and there, no worries.  I have enough body fat for us all.  More greens.  Steady probiotics.  I just have to be smart, creative and consistent.

If I ever get this fool running again, I will eat, I will replenish.  No concern there.  Less is more.

Now having an Acme IPA.  Odd, really crisp finish, dull hopps, not the robust fruit I'm used to.


Setting-up the Garmin 410 tonight.  Wow.  My old 305 is ashamed of itself.  Let's see, however, if this holds up.  The touch bezel feature worries me a little.  I'll write more about this as the process unfolds/unravels.  Going for a run tomorrow.  First one in while.  Can't wait.

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