Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm a big fan of Bill Simmons who writes and podcasts for ESPN.
I saw this article; it might get one thinking about rivalries, of all kinds. Who doesn't like a good rivalry? My dad went to USC, so I grew-up going to USC football games. I watched live Marcus Allen's first game. He was slipping all over the field. We remember it clearly. He replaced Charles White, another Heisman trophy winner. Joey Browner, Clay Matthews, Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz, Dennis Smith. . .these were the guys we saw wearing the Cardinal and Gold, among several I haven't named who would go on to dominate in the NFL and go onto to be enshrined in Canton, Ohio.

So I grew-up watching an epic rivalry of USC v. Notre Dame. Or USC v. UCLA.
I appreciated Oklahoma v. Nebraska, Michigan v. Ohio State.

Basketball has had Lakers v. Celtics (2 versions), North Carolina v. Duke, etc.

I have been a big tennis fan. I grew-up loving Bjorn Borg v. Mcenroe. Conners v. Mcenroe, some of the big matches between Lendl, Edberg, Becker, Sampras, Agassi, Federer, Nadal, etc.

I loved the Cowboys v. the Steelers. Raiders v. Chargers, Raiders v. Steelers.

Rivalries are cool. There are any number of rivalries that get people going for various reasons.

When I was reading the article linked above, there is a link to a Boomer/Marino moment. While watching that, I saw this video, of Marino farting? WTF. Actually, pretty funny, if that's exactly what he's doing. Looks like it.

Off to the gym.

6 miles. My left foot/lower calf is obviously tight. Every once in a while, felt like my achilles was going to snap (not that I know what that feels like). Took it nice and easy. Feel pretty damn good other than that left foot thing (last few days: ankle / today: lower calf/achilles). I think it's time to run with my hair on fire.

Thanks to JW for the recipe. This was killer!


  1. If I don't speak with you beforehand (feel free to call me for some rah rah!), have a great race, Matt.