Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I got the "long" rolling run done, per my game-plan mentioned on Sunday (hill work-out Monday, ~14 mile run Tuesday). I got them both done. Today was actually just over 13 miles and 1200ft of climbing. In terms of the quality of the run, it was terrible. But I got it done. The rolling trail I wanted to run was swamped. I did not want to stop at every dip and gingerly tip-toe around standing water. So, most of the run was on road and grass. Really, it was bad. Beat me up a little (not used to that kind of run), BUT I got it done. Allergies were giving me hell, as well. Wahhhhh!

So, the rest of the week will consist of 5-8 mile runs, a little climbing, a little leg turn-over. Just keep things loose and light.

I think the other part of the sluggishness of today's half marathon was yesterday's run.
Probably my biggest 2-day total in a looooong time, the week of the race. Ha!
I have 4 days until the gun goes off. I should be just fine.

Oh and my ankle feels better. After the 13 mile road run. Ha! Last night I took some advil, kept the foot elevated some, and wore my compression socks. Nothing fancy. Just keeping an eye on it and doing what I can.


  1. Good man getting that run done! I pretty much mirrored your run but over chunky, snow/dirt trails, 13+ miles 1:52

    Rip it up this weekend.

  2. Thanks. I got your words of wisdom rattling around in my head throughout all of this. Everything, yesterday, this weekend, next week.. .is part of the program.

    I ran in the Fuels. Mostly on road! They were great despite my non-trail appetite. I can imagine that on dry dirt, rocky trail, these shoes are almost perfect.

    The fit is insanely good.