Monday, January 3, 2011


I got my first work-out out of the way. Everything went according to plan. The only footnote (literally) is a little discomfort in the left ankle/foot, which I turned on the grass on Saturday. I turn my ankle 2-3 times on a quasi technical trail run and never have lingering effects. On grass?

But that's the way it goes and I am all good and ready to go. Feet-up, cold beer and veggies tonight, big sleep and 14-15 rolling miles tomorrow.

Today was ~9 miles on the treadmill. I warmed-up and cooled down a couple miles each; the "main set" was ~5 miles and 1500 ft vert (in treadmillese). Bottomline, hitting ~3 miles of 7% to 9% grade is a beast! No TV, no music. Just sweat and a little suffering. What's really cool about this kind of work is bringing the mill back to 3-4% and spinning-out the legs like it's flat.

Which is phat, yo.

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