Monday, January 31, 2011


Last week was about 54 miles (4 runs and a 3 mile hike) .

I got out on a lot of good trail that tended to go up and down.
Sunday was a 20 mile day, 2 runs. I did a 2 hour mid morning on a very rolling trail
and an easy hour run later.

I like the set-up. The later run was good at getting my legs loosened-up.

The other benefit is that I got in (what I would call legit 3 hours) at the end of January. Now that is a kind of standard for the long run though I need to build that to 4 hours this month. But more than that, I will put in a lot of ~2hr runs in the local hills where I can get 2 -3k vert. I'm not really feeling speed work right now (have no real desire to race) so I'm psyched to go long and pretty easy (if a lot of climbing is easy). Plus, I even put a little interval into the long run Sunday and my hammy (same one from months ago - mechanics!) was a little tight. I just want to get strong. And since I'm training for an ultra distance, I need aerobic development and strength more than anything.

Besides, with the trail, I'm getting a chance to turn things up here and there, so there's always a little turn-over mixed-in.

My instincts (which i trust religiously) say go nice and long.

And my calendar conscience says listen to your damn instincts!

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