Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Right Wing Hysterics

Sarah Palin, in case anyone forgot what an idiot she made of herself a few years ago in front of an idiot nation, continues to charm her radical right constituency.

You've heard the news. One of the congresswomen on Palin's Hit List above (which she has apparently taken down from her website) was shot. Early reports are she and some of her staff are dead, but I'm also hearing she's in surgery. This happened a couple of hours ago.

But it's crazy. There is not much difference between the far right of this country and the far right of, say, Islam other than the disciples adhere to a different God? Sure an extreme Muslim doesn't want America to thrive, but they are equal in their extremism to support a very narrow view of their own fucked-up world.

Why don't Palin and the rest of her posse please go play in the traffic.

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