Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I blasted my first and "other" blog, www.matt-recoverydiscovery.blogspot.com. That was how I mounted this blogosphere; that's how it mounted me. Ahhhhhhhhg.

Before I deleted the blog, I published all of the posts onto this blog. So this is my only blog, for the most part. I would be happy to begin another project, but that's for another day, a longer run.

I think the impetus to start this here blog "yo" came from the idea that I would concentrate on food and drink over there, and running over here. I'm not that good. Sorry.

Plus, running and recovery are too closely related. I can do it all right here. As for training, sure this is for that. But the details of those work-outs will be recorded on Attackpoint, on the right.

I like it. It's easy and there's a lot of information there, several fields. It even facilitates comments from readers about the workouts, etc. I'm going to get more organized, by God.

Today was my first "quality" T/TH work-out. That's pretty much the deal with my new program. I have easy(ier) days MWF and S, but T/TH/Sun are quality and long.

Nonetheless, I will improvise some. Today was supposed to be a tempo on rolling trail or some cruise intervals much more controlled than I proposed today. Today was suffering climbs in

the heat.

Hilarious and spooky.
If you don't know who Blankfein is, look him up.

Zuckerberg to Blankfein from Paul Kedrosky on Vimeo.


  1. Hmmm...
    T/Th quality, Sun long and planning a trip to CO this summer?
    Hmmm, that's aweful peculiar. Are you going to be at your computer and ready to type as fast as you can on March 16th?

  2. Hey Rick, the boy will be meeting me in AZ for a little jaunt in the canyon in April. You should head out, ride from and to the airport, place to stay...

    Matt, I know how difficult it is to keep up two blogs (hell, one's tough). They have to be very unrelated (i.e. my times passenger blog). Food/recovery/running are intrinsic of one another. One suggestion is to pick a day of the week to write about food, maybe Monday since it's the day post long run?

    Anyway, shoot me a msg if you are using any of the plan and want some clarification on it.

  3. ~43 miles standing between us and a cooler full of goodies and probably some interesting photos and anecdotal reportage.

    Ez 1:00 run today.

    Tim, I have your plan saved. I'm not quite where 1/19 is necessarily, but I'm following the basic approach (for instance, yesterday was 2:00 with cruise intervals, but that's not quite where I'm at. . close though). That other plan I sent you is similar, but doesn't have the ultra "depth" yours has. Bottom-line, I'm going to work hard when I'm supposed to (maybe even harder), recover, repeat.

  4. Would love to join you guys, but my wheels would start to fall off coming down N. Kaibab and you guys don't need that liability on your hands ;-) I used to live in Flagstaff and have run down/up S. Kaibab a number of times, probably my favorite run, wish I could do it again. I will keep that date in mind and if there's any reason I need to be in Flagstaff I'll try and head out there April 16.