Monday, January 10, 2011


7.5 miles and 800ft. on a cool rolling trail down by the velodrome. Felt good, but tired. I do have to put-down on paper a monthly plan. I already have some great ideas from knowledgeable folk, so I just have to make the plan. Just makes the running part of the day easier. Otherwise I'll end-up doing a bunch of 1:10 runs mixed-in with some bigger days. That was part of what I didn't like. And as JW said, focus on what I liked, not what I didn't like. In other words, make more things I like.

One work-out that I did not get to though I mentioned wanting to get ONE of them done (that's still not enough - "ONE") was the Caveman hill workout. That kind of work will I hope make the legs feel better on the climbs. And give the lungs a little more where-with-all on that kind of stuff.

I gotta say, the fact that my body feels awesome right now and that I finished the race surging make me feel good. My quads have no residual affect. That is a good sign given I will need very very worthy quads come April.

For the record, last week was 45 miles. That number is pretty typical for the last few weeks. Time to expand the kingdom.


  1. caveman workout = secret sauce!

    get it done!

    if you want any help building a plan let me know. would love to lend a hand.

  2. I think I'll take you up on that.

  3. just let me know what you need... i have some good ideas for workouts.... email me.