Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday - 12 miles

12 miles, avg. HR 143., 8:35 pace. About 5 miles were in zone 1. I'm just logging miles, the first time I've ever just loaded the trucks and rolled. It's a little bit of a pounding, so definitely have to ease into this particular industry. Plus, and numero uno, I'm intent on working on my HR. I mean not to sound foolish or melodramatic, but MAF is, I could argue, a social responsibility. Okay, a little foolomatic. But I guess if you believe, the argument is easy. I'm not even at the tip of the iceberg. It's like, training-wise, I was a coke head, but am now in recovery, so training now is like sipping a little herbal tea if you catch my drift. . . .

This weekend goals: 1:30 bike ride, 10-12 mile trail run.


  1. awesome comment on lucho's blog! keep on trucking with the MAF thing, it does get better ;). i love your herbal tea/coke comparison, lol, however i am finding running at MAF to be like strong cup of coffee now.

  2. Kerrie,
    Your post got me going. I totally agree; you called it like you see it.

    It looks like your MAF is pretty strong. Believe me, I'm coming! Lucho is teaching me a lot.

    Huge props for "the life" you're managing. I have one 4 year old and it's pretty nuts.

    I'll be reading. . . .