Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday - 14 miles

Well, Disneyland was successful. I wore my Garmin and ended-up walking about 8 miles! I know, that's weak, but I was just curious. Certainly a fat burning special. The kids had a freakin' ball. That would be all four of us. Despite the mid-day heat, by the end of the day we were flying around hitting rides, laughing and working-up a hunger, which we addressed at a nice little Italian joint in Downtown Disney. Got home around 10:30. Big day. Everyone worn-out. - I have to find my camera USB so I can down load some pics.

Tuesday - Off. Back at work and still nursing (probably more anxiety driven) my PF. Getting better though due to the stretching, wearing better supportive non-running shoes, and following all of the killer advice I've been getting from some very generous people who know their sh*t!

Today I ran 14 miles, avg. HR 147, ~8:30 pace. My legs became fairly sore during the last 5 miles, but the pain was actually refreshing. The plantar fascia felt better. I think I was just a little sluggish, plus I haven't been stretching enough and my diet has been pretty lame. On the upside, my legs feel good right now.


  1. you NEED the tp therapy kit. puts the stick to shame. fo real.

    do you think you were the only one keeping track of "Disney miles"? how bout the HR data? classic.

  2. Solid aerboic stuff, homey.
    Lost satellite a couple of times.
    A slow go, but an aaaallll day affair.