Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday - 6 miles

I did an Aet test/ HR 140-150

Mile 1 - 8:11 HR 147

Mile 2 - 8:13 HR 149

Mile 3 - 8:24 HR 149

I warmed up a little and jogged on the grass and did a few drills afterwards.

I'll do this test once a month. Obviously I should see some improvement. Imagine that.

Monday took a day off. Was very sluggish.


  1. have you considered pre-riding/run/hike the course? not a bad idea even if it's not exactly the same course. no need to be too surpised on race day.

  2. jameson came through with some nice recon. i just wanted to see some elevation and xterra has none for vail lake. they did say the 21k is the bike course. it's going to be hot and unshaded. even being privy to the climbs doesn't give me much - it's gonna be brutal. probably just under 2000ft.

    i hear ya'll r sick. bring on another germanator! :-)

    as for the pre-ride, etc.: i wish.