Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday - 15 miles

I was going to run Penasquitos Canyon this am, do 15 mi. But because of my bad dreams and the thought of a pride of mountain lions attacking me in the lonely dawn of the trail, I parked the car at the beach and ran up the coast, out and back 15 miles. I was sore going in. My lower calf soreness was the least of my concerns. The feet and knees are feelin it and this run along the coast was brutal in terms of the asphalt pounding. But, I got in the 15 and got to soak my lower half in the ocean afterwards. That helped.

Avg. HR 148. Like the 14 I did a couple of days ago, felt easy. I just need to ice and recover. Strange: the run was relatively flat along the coast, a little sand, a little boardwalk, street - pretty flat. But my Garmin recorded 1200+ ft. of climbing.

Tomorrow we do real climbing.
If I can manage it (the pain), I'm doing 10-15 on the trail with some tempo.

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