Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday - 6 miles

I spun on the stationary to flush some of the ache from my legs. The lifting on Saturday was gnarly, which added to the pain during my Sunday trail run. Still sore today. After the spin, I ran 6 miles, avg. HR 138. Slow. I wanted to take it easy after yesterday.

Hopefully a bigger (mileage) week to come.

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  1. Cheers, Tom.

    You're take is pretty accurate.
    I do want the base and the ability to throw. I think there is a kind of compromise especially since I'm an addict and love to suffer.

    But I am going to stick to the plan . . with just more of my training being done on the trail.

    I don't have any A races. At 40 that changes. Then again, they're all A race. Yeah?

    the cake and eat it too is my/our humanity.

    Let's do a nice aerobic 10 miler one of these days. Late.