Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday: Day off. . . . . . 7 miles!

Because of yesterday's 12 miles and today's work schedule and tomorrow's planned work-out(s), I was going to take today off - definitely made sense. Instead I got in 7 miles at the gym on the treadmill. Obviously, the treadmill is what it is - not the same as running outside. But one of the benefits of running on the mill might be the slightly increased turn-over. Good for neuromuscular conditioning. Since tonight was a bonus to begin with, my work-out turned-out to be fairly solid.

I ran 7 miles in 58:30, which includes a little "wu." My avg. HR was 144. To be honest, the 8:00 min/mile pace I did for a good portion of the run was a little hard for me. Maybe it was the long day at work, or the 12 miles yesterday, but I didn't really want to run that hard? In the end, the avg. HR was the best news. Initially, I went up to 8 min/mi. and my HR was low 140s; since I'm supposed to be pushing 150, I should have perhaps pushed it a little. Didn't want to. Couldn't. For me, I was flying. Ha ha ha. This was genuinely aerobic. That's the good news.

Hopefully ~10 miles tomorrow. . . .

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  1. how's the hip holding up to the mileage. definitely digging the 2x run/day vs banging out the required mileage for...50K?

    great updates, yo!