Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday - 8+ miles

a.m. 8+ miles, 8:20 pace, avg. HR 145. Nice and aerobic. Also, I taped my feet per someone's advice. I found a couple of tape jobs on-line. I'll experiment. My first tape job and it was pretty successful, I guess. My feet felt better, more secure, less pain though still a little in my left heel. I'm going to take great care of these dogs. Huge priority.

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  1. Hey Matt.
    In response to your question about my recovery weeks...Yes, I take two full days off during my recovery weeks (no training).
    I will do 3 swims (one of the a masters session with just a little intensity), 2-3 ez and short runs, 2-3 ez spins on the bike. I really evaluate how I feel and if I need more rest and less training I do so. If I just don't feel like training I have no problem taking an extra full day off or cutting out workouts. I want to finish the week feeling so fresh that even hard workouts feel easy.
    Hope that helps and if you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.
    Have a good one!