Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday - 14.5+ miles

Today was what I might call my microcosmic workout (I mean to say microcosm, but the "ic" gives it that really hip pot-head sensibility). Microcosm because it was like a much smaller version of the periodization everyone knows and loves.

I ran again at Penasquitos Canyon. I started with about 10 miles, avg. HR 148, 1100 ft. climbing, pace 8:30, nice and easy. That was my base. Then I turned it on and did about 4.5 miles back into the hills, avg. HR 169. This was my anaerobic work. I did it all! It felt pretty good. There was actually a little bit of pain distribution throughout the run. During the "base" my feet hurt. This is a bit of a concern. It's either the shoes, the mileage, or both. Hmmmm. During the tempo/hill work, my entire system hurt. I didn't take any water or food. And it was hot. So there was suffering, which is key for Vail Lake simulation. Pretty comprehensive.

Time for some spinning/ellipitical/stretching, i.e., recovery work for the next few days. . .

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