Friday, November 19, 2010


A very busy week on the work front and I still have A LOT of work to do before Thanksgiving break (did I read somewhere that some people have to refrain from saying "Thanksgiving" for reasons we don't need to go into other than to say some jackasses need to get lives and either get the hell outa here or shut the fuck up).

Speaking of, I am SO GRATEFUL to have work that I truly enjoy. Just a few more days to get through this "pile."

I have little tickle in my throat. Perhaps a few late nights working did it, or maybe that I didn't run for 2 days? I'm not sure. Today I went to the gym and ran 5 easy miles, did some squats, a little core work and light lifting.

I'll get some rest and hopefully get in some nice running this weekend. Goal: get right for the couple of days in the desert that will yield some solid trail climbing and then we're home for the weekend. I'm getting hungrier and, of course, I'm always primed for a drink:

A little note on the beers above. We have a couple of Belgians that ran me about $9 a pop. My wife requested the Duvel, so who am I to say no. The Karmeliet is highly recommended. I've had Karmeliet. Highly recommended.

The other two gems? Pliny is $4.99 and Racer 5 is $4.50. Not an extreme budget.
Compare nicely to some of the over-priced local micro beers we have here in SD.

I've been talking about a bargain (good) beer post for awhile. I need an itinerary and a crew.

Here's to a killer, productive weekend!