Tuesday, November 30, 2010


5 miles easy in the a.m.
6 miles easy in the p.m.

My allergies are definitely "in the house" or it's moving toward a sinus dilemma.
So I am going to start running easy, often and longer. I have been running a lot of steady efforts for the past month or so. At this point I am going to back off, do a little HR training and try to run more.

Remind me to keep hiking!

11 miles on the day.

I want 60 this week. All easy.

Like GZ just said (per my previous post), sneak-in a.m. runs.
Thanks, dude. You're exactly right.

I am psyched for some bigger mileage at fat burner efforts.
Cuz I can always lose a few LBS.

Speaking of, went to a little fundraiser tonight for my kid's school.

Had a couple of drafts: Ruination and Lucky Bastard.
I'm stoned!

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