Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Recovery

My wife has been cooking a bit and my father-in-law who is Eastern European came into town with some of his classics (but most of it is gone so no pics).

Here are some pics.
Sweet potatoes and shallots on top of a red cabbage/green onion salad both of which are next to my wife's chicken noodle soup. It contains organic chicken and yes we ate chicken and yes it was yummy. There are egg noodles in there with a lot of carrots, shallots, celery and herbs. Just plain good.

Here's another chicken noodle soup, but this one has orzo and is tomato based. The orzo seems to be dominating the pic but underneath is a lot of veggie goodness.

Below is my father-in-law's peppers. He grows them, knows where to buy them (he owns theeee most ridiculous taco shop in the world. . . I know pretty sensational, but I'll tell you what: I'll post pictures next week to prove it - at least the look of world classness). These peppers are usually either eaten solo, or put on some fresh baguette with a little feta cheese, or however you want. They're the shit.

Last but not least. Karmeliet Tripel. Beautiful flavor which you may know is basically that spicy Belgian yeast. The carbonation is really nice and the pear and apple hints make this so world class, especially with homemade food! At about $10 a bottle, I can share it and/or enjoy it myself ;) Beats the CRAP out of some domestic IPA with well-groomed side-burns. The Karemiet is about 8.4%. But you don't taste it. It's near the top. It's the kind of beer you bring to a wine party though it dominates any soccer/cyclocross/rugby affair as well. I'm quaffing as I write this blahg post.


  1. Probably too refined of an IPA for me. Bury my heart at the trailer park.

    I expect to see a bit post on Sunday.

  2. Good. Hold me to it. BIG next Sunday.

    It's not too refined. In fact, my point there is that it's about the same price (or less!) than some of the "good" ales touted as this or that.

    And the Karmeliet is not an ipa. Just a good old fashioned Belgian.

    How's the malty ipa? Had'em, not a big fan of em.

    Get some Racer 5!

  3. Upslope is not my favorite, but it is a nice mix for me every once in a while (1x, 2x a year). I, however, am not a big Belgian guy.

    Racer 5 ... on the list.

    How many miles, hours and vert a week from now?