Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peace Love and Suffering

The diet ended and I am a vegetarian. I am not a vegan. In fact, that's a whole nother world. Even plantstrong is a little gnarly, but I can aspire to that by being vegetarian. To be honest, we (a key distinction) are not really eating any different than we have. I'm just not eating anything really bad, not hitting the butcher shop, etc. I've always thought dairy SUCKS, so other than really no meat, I'm eating the way I have. I do have to note underscore, though, the commitment to an even healthier approach to food. Reading Pollan's Food Rules now and love the premise.

Simply food.

I'm not going to summarize. Go buy it.

Bottomline, stay away from fat. If you have to have your meat, go lean. Stay away from dairy. Eat vegetables and fruit, especially vegetables.

So, if you're interested, take a stab at the Engine 2 Diet. We did the whole thing, ate well and continue to eat well. Stay away from FAT, especially the raunchy nasty saturated/trans variety. Again, we aspire to be plant-strong but not necessarily vegan. That's gnarly, political, and, well, impossible?


Ha ha ha. I almost forgot why I wrote that title (2nd Union Jack :)

Check this:
"May all beings be free from suffering. May they be free from pain, grief, & despair. May they be happy, truly"

That's a tweet from someone of the yoga ilk, I think. Hey, I get it. It's all good.

But I think life is lived (only) through pain and grief. Suffering is ugly, and needs to be defined (because some suffering is ABSOLUTELY UNJUST), but those of us who love to "suffer," do so because that experience is very much about getting through a tough stretch. AND IT MAKES US STRONGER. Sounds like a definition of life. Sure, suffering can be tough especially when one is not putting herself through it voluntarily, but such is life. WTF.


  1. Had you been big on fish prior to this? What do you think about eating fish?

  2. I probably won't pass on a great piece of fish. But I don't feel at a loss without. I can get the same benefits from the plant world. The protein craze or campaign spurs a desire for meat. There is fat in meat. And protein can turn into fat. We don't need very much protein to be healthy.

  3. I just finished reading 'Eating Animals' (by Jonathan Safran Foer) - in my opinion the best book yet on the topic of factory farming. I've read stacks of them. Crazy disturbing stuff on fishing methods in there too.

  4. Cool, Sara. Thanks. A lot to read for sure. I was thinking about the term "processed" the other day. Meat in many cases is "processed," so to speak, or literally.

    Better to be safe than sorry.