Sunday, November 21, 2010


More rain though unlike Saturday there are bigger breaks between "buckets." I slept-in until ~8:00 and then we went to breakfast per my wife's request. Fortunately, the place has a healthy eating conscience so the food is better than, say, KFC. I wolfed down a stack of blackberry pancakes and a pile of rosemary taters, plus a few scoops of egg-whites. So good and I did not feel stuffed. Hmmmmm. Kinda odd given that I ate about 3 bowls of my wife's soup the night before.

After sitting on the couch, reading and watching a little bit of football, I headed to the gym again. I wanted to do 6 miles and some lifting but ended-up with 5 miles and some lifting. I am good with it though because I am feeling better (context of a throat sensation) and the lifting just feels quality. If I could've done some steadier stuff on the mill, I would've done 6-7 miles, but I wanted to keep the HR in check.

Big week coming-up. I want to basically be blogging next Sunday night with a lot of work on the trail in the books. I am running some gnarly trails in the Palm Springs area this week and when I return I want to hit some local stuff pretty hard. Iron Mountain is the actual target. This week was very easy, too easy though no worries so long as I kill it this next week. Hopefully I keep this blog updated. I need to start focusing a little more so I can dial-in some of these events in Jan - March.

Some supreme recovery is going on, actually as I write this.

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