Monday, November 8, 2010


are good.

Running and beering healthily as work purrs along awfully well.

Rounds of running and recovering of both kinds. To be clear, I have been enjoying good beer and not running if my soul says no. I did my 1:20 on Friday after my nice Thursday evening gym run and lift and was COOKED. The 90+ degree heat was stifling. I took off feeling great just getting things on some flat coastal go go, but may have been hitting it a little hard as I looped around and headed toward some coastal trail and climb. As I started to feel crappy (HRM would have slapped me), I decided to do a little series of short steep hill repeats. The way back to car was wrought with stopping and checking HR, bits of hiking. . . I was nuked. But what can you say . . . 1:20 of death. I love it.

Kicking off SD Beer Week that night was epic. Wife and I tasted some nice IPA (cask and draft tastings), and a great veggie dinner (Warm Seasoned Quinoa, Cumin Scented Veggies, Grilled Haloumi Cheese, Toasted Pine Nuts) with some solid bevvies. Wife thought I was a rookie: "Take me home and put me to bed. .. I am a rookie!"

Tonight I hit a local haunt for Alpine night and enjoyed some Bad Boy cask, Duet (my favorite beer) and the winter Ale Smith YuleSmith winter. I also hit-up BevMo for some solid 22s.

In other words, good beer and good running.

This Sunday was an epic hike with running with the 6 year-old. He is killing it!
And tonight's beers was with some solid trailers/alers. Good times are abounding.

Today: 5 miles and a little lifting (emphasis on little).

Here's to staying healthy and getting things in order.

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  1. mmmm. Good.

    Was actually thinking about filling my Camelbak with brew. That might be a bit over the top though.