Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday - Friday

Didn't make the hike yesterday. I was playing it safe because of the little stuffiness coming on that generally makes the entire breathing apparatus disfunctional.

This a.m. I did 6 miles and felt good, really good. I am really keeping the preventative meds going strong, sleeping well, yada yada. That's all for the day. We head down today and I will be doing a face-plant off of the vegetarian bandwagon as I hit draft beers and killer tacos at the greatest taco shop in the world (father-in-law owned). Bring it! I will definitely have pictures.

And then there's Matt v. Turkey. But that's the undercard; the vegetables had better watch their backs! The father-in-law and the wife will be cooking hard. Can't wait. I'm thinking a very aggressive IPA.

Tomorrow begins the quality runs. I have an 8 miler into the mountains that collide with the valley I've done part of before. Steep climb out, levels off, great views (of the valley??) and then a descent I have you to do. It's an 8 mile loop with probably about 1500-2000ft. of vert. I hope to do that Thursday and Friday just because of its proximity to where we are staying.

Friday afternoon and Saturday look to be pretty good too but I'm not sure yet. Bottomline: stay out front of the gnarly phlegm. That's my motto!

I am SOOO Thankful for my health and the chance to spend some quality time with the family. Cheers to all of that goodness.

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