Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope everyone had a killer Thanksgiving (the holiday where Native Americans generously gave whitey the bird).

This pic here is pretty clear. I ate meat, but did so with a grain or two of IPA.

Last week was big for me, just going in. I wanted (and talked about) a big week run-wise. I went on the road for Thanksgiving and the Palm Springs area does have some off-road running and some vertical. I was hoping to get in some solid running in the SD area upon our return. I wanted to get some work done!

Final grade: B

Mon - 5 miles
Tues - 6
Wed - 6
Thurs - 8
Fri - 15
Sat - 5
Sun - 9

I get a B mainly because Saturday or Sunday was supposed to be ~12 miles, 3k vert here in the local mountains. Oh well. I had no conception of mileage going in; rather a few quality runs I wanted to get done. 54 miles is good and I want more and need more. I need to train like I am going looooong. More on that in about a month or so. Until then, run for 17 - 25k hilly trail races.

Some pics

A little system moving out on the afternoon we arrived.

The next morning, from the car heading to the trail head. Clear skies.

Going up


Monday - 5 solid miles bumping some sweet tunes in the cold Cali afternoon air.

A little recovery:

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  1. Double it up dude. Sneak in a few days of the AM run.