Saturday, November 20, 2010


We are getting some solid rain in San Diego. I love it.

This morning was the final game of my son's first season of soccer/futbol.
The experience has been a massive success. He has begun to learn the secret of the game:
keep the ball in front of you (and use both feet).

He scored two beautiful goals today (the game is 8 on 8 with goalies). His grandparents were in attendance, the rain is going sideways, truly classic conditions and the kid was blowing-up.

After the game, we went home for dry clothes, hit some breakfast, and returned to the field for an awards ceremony that had been canceled. So, we head back towards home, stop-by the store for some soup ingredients and are now sitting in a nice warm room cooking and playing games.

I thought about hitting the gym (tickle in the throat is still there). But then I thought, why? Why not open a Racer 5, get ready to inhale homemade soup and hang with my lovely family?

The tipping-point was walking into the kitchen after returning from the store and my wife says, "make me a martini." Pretty unusual yet impressive.



  1. You highly recommend this racer 5?

    That is a great day on the pitch man.

  2. If he's going to be a finisher like his pops, you're going to have to work on the celebrations in the off-season! Must've been great to watch, can't get my son to play in a league, he refuses, but he plays 1v1 all day long in the front yard with his friend, I think I enjoy this just as much for now, but looking forward to the day when I watch him play in a "real" match.

  3. GZ, if you can get Racer 5, it's worth it. A little aggressive IPA, meaning solid crisp hops. Bear Republic (the brewery) is great, totally legitimate. Best of all, it's one of the more inexpensive beers. I suppose it's been around a while so doesn't need the hype. That's actually one of the best things about NB Ranger. Nicely priced. I'm surrounded by good beer here in SD that's unfortunately priced pretty ridiculously.

    As the coach I have beaten up the boys this year only to see some nice runs. Yesterday, my boy scored once taking it into the the box past a defender and burying it; but the other (more typical) was him getting a cross and converting. Six year olds taking it down the side, players moving toward the goal, a nice cross = good opportunities and a nice treat for our parents.

    Of course, the key to this age-group is telling your best player (this Australian kid who is light-years ahead of the curve) to drop back and protect your goal. Sure he has to run a lot, but he has ruined (actually all of my guys play good D) many a family photo albums. This age is about watching your little tike break away and score. I've told my guys continually, you have to get back. So, when little Sammy of the other team gets a little break, and you hear the parents and team cheering, here comes one of my boys to graciously take it away. Sorry folks. Yesterday we won 5-0.

  4. As a more defensive minded person I feel one of the greatest qualities that americans are missing is the ability to beat players 1 on 1. This is so important because it's what is most effective in creating 3v2's and 2v1's which is what it's all about. Getting the man advantage anywhere on the field moves the ball up and when it's done around the box it creates a good chance. I'd really like to see more young americans getting more confident at taking players on to create the man advantage. As a defender this is what's scary, knowing that I'm on the low end of a 2v1 or 3v2.