Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Took Monday off. Slammed at work and Sunday was about 2 1/2 hours and 11+ miles of steady running and hiking Cowles Mt. The mountain in the afternoon kicked my ass.

Today, despite the fact that I actually sat there contemplating my morning run (should I head to work early and get work done?), I ended-up with a nice little work-out. Nothing planned but ended-up about 3 miles warm-up and then about 2 miles of hills that basically consisted of attacking, recovering for 10-20 seconds, attacking, rolling and cooled down for about a mile. ~6 miles 50 minutes.

Felt so good afterward (actually I felt slow but energized) that I ended-up hitting my little beer boutique down in Ocean Beach. I'll post a pic soon, for the record.

I need those kinds of runs. Quality. Doing those hard hills I know pays huge dividends. In my one year of legitimate racing (meaning I entered a few races - 2008), I hooked up with Trevor Glavin. He coached me at the end of the year through The World of Hurt 25k (3000ft.vert) outside Vegas and the 25k in Hawaii. I was pretty healthy in Vegas coming off some solid training with weekly (double?) doses of the Caveman workout. It's basically HARD hill repeats with tempo efforts mixed-in. I remember reeling people in at the end of the race. 100 milers in the mountains? Different story.

So today's morning run was good. It worked-out perfectly, a text-book work-out for some up-coming hilly trail running.

Then, tonight I actually got in another 4 miles. My son started his kick-boxing/sparring class since he got his yellow sash/belt. The class is an hour long, so I ran for about 34 minutes in the dark. I smelled, but felt pretty good afterward. Like I said Sunday, time to ramp things up a bit. Did not plan on getting-in the work today. Psyched.

And I love the fact that I'm a week away from being through a tough go at work, and off to the desert for Thanksgiving. Nice trails down there, nice weather.

Tuesday: 10 miles

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