Monday, November 22, 2010


Felt pretty blahhh today. My son is off all week so my wife and I split the duties. Went to the gym with him this afternoon. Did 6 miles easy and some core work. Very low energy. Oh, and I got a hair cut, which is like speed-work, no?

When I was in grade school (and doing hill repeats both ways in the snow) we went to school M-W and then had Th-F off. Now they get the entire week off. Damn. Generalizations are a bad habit but Americans are a lazy bunch, wouldn't you say?


  1. I think we used to have a half day on Wednesdays.

    I actually don't mind the kids having time off since it seems many school activities in the lead up to a vacation are a bit pomp and circumstance anyway.

  2. You're probably right. But it opens the door on a discussion of our schools. Wasn't it Gladwell who had some interesting things to say about the school year, socio-economics and test scores?

    I hope my kid makes the high school XBox team...