Thursday, November 4, 2010


I had to. The look is for the mid-term elections, the heat here in SoCal, fast-food (way to go, SF ((and I'm not talking about the Giants))), the mainstream American diet, fruity beer, the NFL season so far, traffic and, well, people who won't look you in the eye. . .

I'm writing this with sorta a full belly. Went out and ate like a vegetarian and didn't drink any beer. Because I am waiting until about 9:00 to head to the gym and kick off the weekend with one of those gym sessions I wrote about recently. Warm-up and then go hard (mile repeats ~7 min) and lift in-between. After reading the Fitzgerald article on anerobics over on hang nine, I'm going to mix in a little plyometrics.

This will definitely kick-off the weekend. I have not been running very regularly but when I have the effort has been an hour or so long with some w/u and c/d sandwiching the hold steady (never listen to the band but why not). Basically, I haven't been afraid to push the pace a little.

Tomorrow is ~1:20 and the weekend should be a solid mix of run and hike off road with some climbing. Hoping for a cool down on the weather front. . .November?

Thinking pretty hard about getting a new Garmin Forerunner 305. I've been running a while now without HR and mileage (without elevation +/- too), so with the birthday around the corner, or the executive decision up the sleeve. . . it's about time.

I'm okay with the spotty running at this point. I have been fairly steady for a while now (months) so the less frequent harder efforts are okay. I've been hiking quite a bit, as well. Our local little mountain. So I have that going for me.. . which is nice.

Getting more serious (cue the laughter) will mean running more, period. And putting in the official long run once or twice (maybe) a week. Fortunately, it looks like I have a couple of people I can call on to run those.. . which is nice. I'm psyched to be healthy and running and looking into the crystal ball. . .

I have to give a shout-out to work. It's going well.

It's about time for some beer. Tomorrow kicks-off San Diego Beer Week. If babysitting comes through (95% so it's a go), we're off to a Cask vs. Draft event at The Linkery tomorrow. That should be good. After that were off to Urban Solace for some beer and grinds. Can't wait for the yummy veggie delights and killer craft beer.

Monday it's looking like a few beers at O'briens where the theme is Alpine Beer. I'm getting a taxi.

Beyond that, it's about continuing to get the run on. And time to put that road bike back on the trainer for some work. My little winter early spring event schedule is going to be nice.


I'm happy for the SF Giants. Having been in the city recently, actually right before they went on there little run, took-out my Pads and continued to mow the competition (they ended every playoff series on the road), I felt a little good vibration. Seeing Bruce Bochey get some love was cool too. Bottomline: DEEP pitching and very timely hitting. And some west coast domination.
I bet the Lagunitas and Bear Republic and Russian River beers were doing some work!

I'll update the food blog soon. That diet is done. But it's having lasting effects.

Given the weather, thought I'd throw-in a couple more pics from the earlier Indian Summer.

Me and the boy

The family in the Bu

Oh, and then there's this:


  1. Sandy Eggo has got to be a great place for a beer week. Have you had a Vertical Epic? Any good?