Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 4/16


Just got my ass kicked running 7.5 miles with 1500ft. of vert. Basically, the first 4 miles were up and then I got to cruise back down. Love the "mountain" in La Costa. But I was worked pretty much throughout and still a little winded/tired. Felt pretty ambivalent this a.m., went to a meeting up near the "mountain" so I thought definitely getting my run in there because I really like that place and I did not want to run on anything flat. Well, I got my wish, but my allergies were pretty much off the chain. Brutal. I was tight chested and just really took it easy. The weather was perfect.
Granted, there was a lot of pollen in the air (not good), but I thought my progress might let me "get some." So, pretty tough. I'm going to tack-on 2.5 (for the love of something) this afternoon and then drink some good beer. Damn! I have soooo far to go, but I guess if I'm not saying that then I've resigned myself to vulture pickings.

When I'm healthier, a great run will be 2 loops and about 3000ft. of climbing.

A few pics of the place.

From the car. Little over a mile to the base.


I did not do another 2.5. Could've but got on the phone with some of our country's esteemed bureaucracy and that little (pretty meaningless) run went out the window.

However, I did accomplish something and I'm ready for a beer.
First up, Ranger.

I have recovered nicely respitorially (dig that word) from the run. Tomorrow another trail run, but the doctor says ROLLING trail. And I have a perfect candidate about 8 minutes from my front door.


  1. That is a nice trail! You're pushing 50 miles/week on trails, that's no joke. You're definately on your way to gettin' back.

  2. I needed that. Lost perspective there. I'm guessing it had a little to do with something I ate last night (my kryptonite): ice cream (the real kind). F-ed-up. No mas.

    Nice little trip you had. Good stuff.

  3. It's been a great trip; would love to come back in the summer. It's small enough to not get too crazy. Keep at the kryptonite, history shays it makes you strong. Sitting in a bar up here, not a skier so people ask where where I've gone. When I tell them I've been running they ask me if I know who Karl M is. I'm in a bar that he worked in for years and am hearing some good stories...