Monday, April 12, 2010


5 miles, felt tired and, well, tired. Has everything to do with going to bed very late. Those of you keeping your fingers crossed, keep-em crossed. Was up working on a "deliverable" that would make me pretty happy. I'll be up sorta late tonight, too.

My heart-rate today said tired. I have been eating very well and drinking very little beer, just very good beer. So, shame on me. Actually, I was going to take the day off. I figured 90 miles in the last two weeks, a little slammed at work, take Monday off. But the easy 5 was nice. I did a little lifting, too. Not much. But just getting off of the chair, picking-up Jack and hitting the gym for an easy work-out made me feel better. Isn't that always the case?


Killer spinach salad and a Firestone UJ IPA. Back to work.


  1. A run, no matter how short, always seems to help. Nice job.

  2. Movement is it. If I always felt like I do in the first ten minutes of a run, I would not be doing this.

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